Office Re-Opening the week of June 8, 2020!!!!

Everyone at Smolen Dentistry recognizes how difficult these past few months have been and appreciate your patience.  We are ready to move forward and resume your care. On May 31st, the RCDSO released new guidelines on COVID-19, that will protect you and our dental team. We have been working diligently to meet these guidelines.  We have acquired our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and have made changes that exceeded the new guidelines.  Your health, and the health of our team is extremely important to us.

What to expect with your next visit…

NEW COVID-19 Protocols

*****Please note, at this time we ask that all inquiries be made by phone.  Walk-ins of any type are prohibited to reduce the risk of exposure. Thank you for your understanding.******

  • Prior to booking an appointment, patients will be screened using the COVID-19 screening questionnaire developed by the Ontario Ministry of Health.
  • All patients will be screened the day prior to their appointment using the COVID-19 screening questionnaire developed by the Ontario Ministry of Health.
  • Patients who screen positive, will not be treated in person except when urgent care cannot be delayed.  In which case, enhanced precautions will be taken.
  • We require that any individuals accompanying a patient, wait in their car unless absolutely necessary (e.g., a parent accompanying a young child or any patient who requires accommodations).

Patient Arrival Protocol - All appointment will be scheduled to avoid or limit face to face interaction with others.

  • Prior to entering the office, patients (and anyone else entering the office) will be screened a second time for COVID-19.  If a patient reports or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, their appointment will be deferred until they have consulted with their physician and/or after they are symptom free following 14 days of self-isolation. 
  • Patients and visitors are required to wear their own mask at all times while in the office, except during the time care is being provided. Patients who arrive without a mask will be provided with one or will have to reschedule their appointment. 
  • Patients will be required to sanitize their hands with 70-90% Alcohol Based Hand Rub (ABHR).
  • Everyone entering the building will have their temperature taken using INFRARED Thermometers (no contact). If you have a fever your appointment will be deferred to a later date.
  • Once triage is completed, patients will be taken directly to the exam room at which time the door will be closed and we will limit the amount of staff entering the room to the Dentist and either 1 assistant, or 1 hygienist to maintain social distancing within the office.
  • Prior to treatment, patients are required to rinse with a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution mandated by the RCDSO. 

If any patient refuses to perform any of the required guidelines set by the RSDSO we will have to reschedule their appointment.  

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